Assistant Gets A Bonus

Working for a boss like gorgeous Venus might be hard, in more ways than one. How do you keep your mind on work? But somehow, Jake D did such a great job that his performance merits a bonus from the delectable boss. She lowers the waist of her slacks, lets her beautiful trans dick pop out. Jake is kneeling in front of her with mouth open and ready before you know it. He sucks it down just the way Venus likes.
In a flash, Venus has hungry Jake on the bed naked, cuffed and in a full head mask covering his eyes. She gives him a hearty little smack and begins rubbing her hand over his big tattooed muscles. He crouches on all fours with his ass up to get his butt red, rosy and warmed up for whatever Venus might offer. She smacks his ass with her trusty riding crop and rubs her finger smoothly into his quivering crack. She kneads his butt cheeks and spits a wad of juicy saliva over his pucker. He wants her cock inside him and she makes him speak up and beg for it.

Venus spanks his muscle butt with a bare hand till it’s cherry red. strokes his dick and jiggles his big nuts in her slender hand. He’s raring to get fucked but he will have to work for it! She pulls off her panties and once he’s sucking, he pleads to take off the mask and see her beautiful cock. Venus straddles his chest, her big gorgeous boobs above his face and that dick slapping around his ravenous mouth.

Kneeling just behind his butt, she toys with his hungry hole, sliding in and out just the first few inches. As he rolls onto his back, she plows in deep and hard. His hard cock swells even stiffer in her hand as she drives into him. As he lies back with his feet up and in his cuffed hands, she slaps her balls against Jake’s thick round buns. He groans with delight and cockhunger. He pants and gasps for breath as Venus milks his cock to the very edge of shooting.

She finds the magic spot deep inside Jake and he has to beat off. Freed from his cuffs, it only takes a minute of stroking before he’s spurting out a creamy wad that puddles in his navel. “Stay where you are,” she warns, then sprays out her own hot sticky goddess juice onto his grateful lips.

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