College Boy Gets Stuffed

What could be more of a wet dream come true than a hot date with gorgeous goddess Venus Lux? College boy Chad Banks is about to experience that dream come true. After a moment of primping and arranging her beautiful long locks in the bathroom mirror, Venus zips her big hard trans cock back into her pants and steps out to find Chad anxiously waiting. With one hand on her thigh, he leans in to give her a long first kiss. She pulls his hand onto her full stiff crotch, and reaches across to stroke his. When she lowers the double zippers to her stylish slacks, Chad is quick to dive head first onto her sweet hard prick. He tears himself away to get a mouthful of her firm luscious tits. They pinch each others’ nipples as they stroke cocks with their other hands. Lying on the couch in a perfect 69, they fill their hungry mouths with each others’ raging hardons. Venus stands regal, like a statuesque idol as Chad kneels and pays homage to her cock. She imperiously slaps is around his happy face. They gorge on each others’ cocks, then he crouches across the sofa with ass up for Venus to have her way with him. With Chad holding the back of the sofa for support, Venus smoothly plows in to his hungry ass. He holds his cheek to open wide for her drilling and starts to beat his cock with the other hand. She fills his slick open hole to the brim and he beams with pleasure and delight. She pins his legs back and pumps in hard as they lock together in a deep kiss. As she pulls back to speed up, he beats faster and more intently. He can’t hold back much longer. Venus pulls out to milk her cock and its creamy load into Chad’s face. He opens his mouth as the first drops cover his tongue then splatter his cheeks. Chad sucks off every creamy bit from her cock as Venus leans in for a sweet goodnight kiss.

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