Massage Magic With Keshawn

I was getting a relaxing, much-needed massage in my hotel suite in Indianapolis. The handsome masseur Keshawn was purely professional at first, but I guess kneading the tension out of my firm round ass gave him some naughty ideas. I was feeling blissed out getting squeezed and pummeled when suddenly I felt his mouth pressed into my ass. I liked what I felt, and next thing I knew he was naked on the bed with me, turned on and sucking my stiff trans cock. It gave me some ideas of my own and we had a great time 69ing. I gave his nips a firm tweak, let him taste my honey sweet crack, swallowed his thick hard piece. I knew he wanted every bit of me. He wrapped his legs around my luscious ass as I eased my cock into his tight hole. This tough tatted stud was aching to be loved hard by a sexy trans top. Kissing him tenderly and letting him suck my round breasts, he opened up till I was all the way inside his tough manly butt. I smiled and held his face while I stared into his dark puppy eyes. Such a hot romantic connection makes me fuck harder and deeper, and his long deep strokes told me his cock couldn’t hold out for long. His dreamy expression and soft panting breaths meant we were both close, so I pushed a little harder to bring us both to climax. I sprayed my love juice all over and sent him into a thick creamy finish. It’s so hot and heavenly to shoot our loads together, don’t you think?

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